What Happens When Love Ends And You’re Stuck with A Tattoo That Symbolized It

When-Love-EndsIt’s a story you’ve heard before and you’ll hear again. Girl meets boy. Girl gets tattoo of boy. Boy leaves girl. Girl is left with tattoo.

Chanel fell hard for a man who seemed to offer everything she had ever wanted, and had his name tattooed on her wrist as a symbol of her undying devotion. The tattoo itself was art that joined their names into a single graphic, replacing the C in his name Rich, with the iconic letter C from the Chanel logo. It was clean, striking, and well-done for what it was.

Chanel Jensen Personal Trainer

But less than a year after having it inked, Rich’s love for her began to subside and their relationship self-destructed in ways and at a pace she never imagined possible. His change of heart came as a surprise and devastated her. She was consumed by grief, and even worse, she was stuck with a permanent reminder of a man she wanted to forget. Chanel needed to move forward, but every time she caught a glimpse of her wrist tattoo, the past resurfaced. It was difficult enough to mourn the loss of their love and his affection, but the tattoo made it all but impossible to push past the anguish and start over.

Chanel Jensen Rich Tattoo Removal

Chanel Jensen at Dr. Tattoff Orange CountyWhen she could barely stand it anymore, she contacted Dr. Tattoff in Orange County to schedule an appointment. Immediately after her consultation, she began the process. The break-up was so recent, we wondered whether there was a chance they’d rekindle the flame and get back together, but Chanel was resolute in her decision. Although there was a moment when she would have done anything to be with him, she was well past that point and it was clear that this was not a relationship she’d ever accept again in her life. It was time to say goodbye and she was ready for the finality of what removing his name from her wrist meant.

We could see that it was a bittersweet moment as Chanel prepared for her removal, opting to skip the numbing and feel the pain. Her strength and fierce independence make her a role model for anyone struggling with the emotions of love that ends and ink that lasts.

In the video below, you’ll hear Chanel talk about the sorrow she’s beginning to overcome, and the journey ahead that will free her from the past.