“What Is It Liked Getting Your Tattoo Removed?” Video by Tameka Jacobs

tamekaActress and “Deal or No Deal” model Tameka Jacobs has been a patient at Dr. Tattoff for a few years now. She is having 4 very colorful tattoos removed and shares her experience in the video below.

If you read this blog regularly or follow us on social media, you’ve probably noticed that we often produce videos of patients who are interested in sharing their personal tattoo removal stories.

But in this case, Tameka filmed her own tattoo removal story and shared it with us! We think you’ll find her story interesting and above all, authentic. We did not ask her to create this video nor did we have any input into what was included in the final edited piece. She simply did it and then posted it on social media, which is where we discovered it.

For some, talking about the past is a therapeutic approach for progressing into the future.  Videos like Tameka’s provide prospective patients the chance to hear from real patients who are going through the process.

In this video, Tameka covers what it is like getting your tattoo removed at Dr. Tattoff, from the numbing process before treatment, to the procedure itself with our nurse Jessica (which she also filmed). It’s an unfiltered eye-opening window into her experience. You’ll the see final treatment and best of all, results of her lower back tattoo removal (a naked fairy she got as a double-dare on a date) which is almost completely gone!