We’re Shaving our Laser Hair Removal Prices for Summer!

We’re offering a laser hair removal offer this month that is nothing less than spectacular and just in time for summer! It’s designed to eliminate the hassle of shaving in the short and long-run. If you’re tired of adding an extra ten minutes to your shower every other day to shave your legs and bikini, you’ll love this offer because it covers both areas (and any other area you choose). If you live in California, you might not only be over the inconvenience of regularly shaving, you might even feel guilty for the water it requires (hello, drought).

The best part of the hair removal process is that the effects are immediate. You’ll realize just after your first session that you need to shave less often. After the second treatment, you can wait even longer. By Christmas, you probably won’t even be buying razors anymore!

I went to Costa Rica last year and got a couple laser hair removal treatments on my underarms beforehand (one of the perks of working for Dr. Tattoff). I didn’t have to shave once over the 8 days I was there!  I’m not even halfway done with my package and there was a remarkable difference in my hair growth after even one session. If you read this blog on a regular basis, you’ve probably heard me boast about it before. It’s a pretty addictive process as our patient, Adrienne Curry can attest to (and does on her Insta feed every time she comes in).

We recommend trying an area, actually two, with this new promotion since you’ll get 50% off the second area. The offer expires on May 31, 2015 so book your consultation now!

50% off hair removal when you purchase hair removal