Watch Sleeve Tattoo Removal on Dr. Tattoff Frisco Manager Cody Payne


Meet Cody Payne. He’s the manager of our recently opened Frisco, Texas location. He is actually one of our patients too, and has decided that he’s ready to remove more of his ink!

With a 7 year-old daughter and an 18 month-old baby, he wants to be a role model to his children by removing the various symbols of death on his arms. He also wants to continue to pursue his career, without always wearing long-sleeve shirts to hide his tattoos.

Born and raised in the Lone Star State, Cody has lived quite a life for his years. His tattoo obsession started at the age of 15 when his best friend died in an apartment fire. To memorialize the loss, he decided to tattoo a cross on his arm. He says the release he felt after getting that tattoo was akin to therapy, so as he faced other challenges he turned to tattoos as a form of dealing with them. The tattooing process released endorphins and in doing so, soothed his pain. While some people turn to drugs or violence, Cody turned to tattoos when he felt frustrated, sad or angry.

When we asked Cody why he chose the tattoos he did, his answer was that they represented how he felt at the time. As you’ll see, just about all his tattoos relate to death and fear. Alongside the tattoos of skulls, crosses and flames, are symbols of his two stepchildren from a prior marriage – he calls these “devil cupids.” That’s because at 3 years old, his stepson managed to light the house they were living in on fire using a cigarette lighter.

Black skulls tattoos on arm

Scary Halloween Tattoo

Shoulder skull tattoo

Arm Sleeve tattoo Removal

Arm sleeve tattoo removal

Sleeve tattoo removal

sleeve tattoo removal

Not all his tattoos were the result of a crisis. He tattooed his ex-wife’s name on his body (in two places). One of those tattoos has been covered with a tattoo that says “VOID.” The other one, which he got after they broke up, now has the grim reaper covering it. We’ll be removing that one eventually too. (Neither tattoos are shown here.)

Cody isn’t looking to remove all his tattoos. Among the ones he’ll keep are his daughter’s name on his back. But many of the others, which remind him of a difficult time in his life when he wasn’t thinking about the future, will be removed over time.

Today, we’re starting on his two sleeve tattoos. We’ll treat the outer arms today and wait about a week to treat the inner arms. This is to minimize the swelling.

And now, check out a video of Cody’s first laser tattoo removal treatment on his sleeve tattoos. We numbed his arms before we started, but Cody is still amazingly calm and relaxed during the process.

His tattoos will take approximately 13 treatments total to remove, and each treatment will need to be spaced out by at least 6 weeks. We estimate that in less than 2 years (by the time he’s 32 years old), his arms will tattoo-free!

Big thanks to Ivan Ehlers for providing the musical backdrop!