Watch Musician Jared Simms Get Sleeve Tattoo Removal

Jared Eugene Simms Tattoo RemovalMusician Jared Simms is currently being treated at Dr. Tattoff in Beverly Hills to get his right sleeve tattoos removed.

Most of the ink he got as a teenager is now way below his standards – it’s no wonder, he started when he was 16! At the time, he was touring with a band and was so enthusiastic about the lifestyle that he started getting tattoos willy nilly, as fast as he could.

Being a sentimental guy, he knew that he wanted tattoo tributes to his fellow bandmates, friends and family. So he had caricatures done of his friends as zombies, another one of his passions. The tattoos were not without thought – he included details that reflected each person. For example, one of his friends who had committed suicide was memorialized sporting a t-shirt that said “Choose Life.” Another featured the symbol “XXX”, for straight-edge, an anti-alcholol and drug movement he and his friends embraced for a brief time.

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Jared also got tattoos of graveyard tombstones for his grandparents, as well as ones that were left blank for those who would pass in the future. The letters on his grandfather’s gravestone were penned by Jared when he was only eight years old, and to this day remind him of his handwriting back then.

However, Jared didn’t spend time researching tattoo artists or mapping how he’d eventually connect the disparate pieces of art that began to cover his arm. He became addicted to getting new ink, and acted hastily simply to add more ink to a growing collection.

It’s not that his tattoos don’t mean anything – every single one still has significance. But as his taste has evolved, he realizes there are more meaningful, artistic avenues for expressing his love for those dear to him.

Now 27, Jared has a clear vision for his future tattoos and many of the current ones don’t pass muster. So he’s starting the process of having the tattoos on his right arm completely removed in order to make room for new art.

This time, he’s given it years of thought and is confident that what he wants, he’ll want for the rest of his life  His plan, which he explained in grave detail, is to employ geometric line work to build a cohesive tapestry of mandala flowers joined by lace in between.  We can’t wait to see how it turns out and which tattoo artist he selects.

But for now, he’s got at least a year of visits to Dr. Tattoff to remove the traces of his youth.

Jared Eugene Meets with Nurse for Tattoo Removal

Check out Jared’s video and watch his first treatment! You can follow Jared on Instagram at @jaredeugene