Valentine’s Day Tattoo Removal Offer – Erase Your Ex

FebBOYANDGIRLOur favorite holiday at Dr. Tattoff is Valentine’s Day. Not for the reason you’d think though. Yes, people profess their love by getting tattoos together on Valentine’s Day, and many of them get those tattoos removed eventually, but that’s not why we’re sweet on the Hallmark holiday.

There are plenty of reasons not to like Valentine’s Day and if you asked some of us at Dr. Tattoff personally how we feel about it, you’d hear mixed reviews. What we don’t like is that it makes most people (namely women), whether they’re single or in a relationship, anxious in terms of expectations. Will he or won’t he…Text? Call? Ask me out? Get me a card? Send flowers? Tell me he loves me? Pop the question? When we’re dating or in a new relationship, Valentine’s Day can bring out our deepest and most unflattering insecurities. So WHY do we love Valentine’s Day?!

40% off tattoo removal discount

The reason we look forward to February and Valentine’s Day in particular, is the opportunity to offer a huge discount on laser tattoo removal to people who are living with a reminder of heartbreak, permanently inked on their skin.

We feel  deeply for those who at one point were so enamored that they thought their relationship would last forever, so much so that they got tattoos as an expression of undying devotion. These are the world’s lovers, through and through, full of passion to the core. Our special offer this month is our way of saying to them, “come on, it’s time to move on and we’ll help you do it.”

The month of February and all it symbolizes is an ideal time to ask ourselves, are we getting the love we want? And if we’re not, why aren’t we? Even if you’re in a happy relationship, that tattoo of your ex’s name, initials or some other symbol of your union, probably bothers your current partner. How could it not? The fact that you haven’t removed it indicates consciously or sub-consciously that you still care. Imagine how secure you’d make your partner feel if you started the removal process. Now that is a Valentine’s Day gift that says “You’re the one.” You might be surprised how much more you’d get from someone who can finally trust that your heart is in the present.

If looking for a relationship or hoping to date but facing challenges meeting the right people or connecting with them, and you have a tattoo of your ex, you may be holding on whether you realize it or not. If there’s any other reason besides financial that you haven’t looked into or started laser tattoo removal, you have to ask yourself why. As long as your ex is still on your body, you haven’t fully said goodbye. In order for a new door open, you have to close the one behind you.

This brings us to our offer this month: we’re offering 40% off laser tattoo removal for everyone who needs to cut the cord and leave a past relationship in the past. This includes tattoos of exes names, initials, or any other symbol of your relationship. As we like to say, don’t spend another Valentine’s Day with your ex.




If you don’t have a tattoo of your ex, and you want to get in on some of the action we’re dishing up this February (hey now!), we’re offering a 40% discount on upper body hair removal.

Great for your guy’s chest or back, or to nip that beard your wife is growing in the bud. It’s good for any area above the waist, so maybe you were born with dark hair on your arms that grows like a weed or you’ve got a dreadful dark unibrow across your forehead.

Laser hair removal takes multiple treatments for your hair to be removed completely, but you’ll see a noticeable change in the rate that your hair grows even after one treatment. So if you start now, by summer you’ll be shaving or waxing a lot less! And by the end of the year, you won’t even need to buy razors or shaving cream anymore.

Whether it’s tattoo removal you’re interested in or laser hair removal, you can BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION HERE.