A Thanksgiving Menu in Tattoos

This Thanksgiving, we’d like to give thanks for all the tattoos out there, especially those that salute one of our favorite holidays! We spent some time rounding up a selection of tattoos we think express the occasion best, with a focus on the big feast!

Before we get into the menu, let’s start with the season that gives us the reason. If you’re anywhere but Los Angeles, your trees and sidewalks are probably filled with autumn leaves that crunch when you walk on them. We love this back tattoo of beautiful fall foliage.

fall leaves tattoo


Via Anastasia Murphy

Now that we’ve established the setting, let’s get into the menu.  We’ll begin with the centerpiece of our meal, the Thanksgiving bird. In our searches, we found no shortage of turkey tattoos. This was one of the most impressive ones we found. The rendering is so realistic, we’re starting to lose our appetite!

turkey tattoo


Via CheckOutMyInk.com

Oh wait, it’s coming back. This turkey leg tattoo is slightly more appetizing.

Turkey Leg Tattoo

Via Inked Magazine

Now onto our side dishes. We couldn’t find mashed potatoes, which was kind of hard to believe given how enamored we are with the buttery goodness. But we did find a baked potato, and this one looks scrumptious! We’re not sure we’d want it on our body, but inside our stomach? Absolutely.


Via Inked Magazine

No proper Thanksgiving meal is complete without sweet potatoes or yams (what’s the difference, again?!). We were actually surprised to find this yam tattoo, especially when our searches for green bean casserole tattoos came up short. Smother these guys with some butter, roll them in walnuts and top ’em with mini marshmallow, and voila! We’re on our way over. Honestly, this tattoo doesn’t do them justice, but we’re not here to criticize – we’re here to gratify!

Yam tattoo

Via SwallowsnDaggers.net

Another popular Thanksgiving side dish is honey glazed carrots. It was actually surprising how many carrot tattoos we found! We especially liked this one because of its simplicity. We’re kind of suckers for minimalist hipster tattoos.

carrot tattoo

Via Zhippo.com

You don’t have to whine for wine if you’re dining with us. This red wine tattoo is hands-down the best one we’ve ever seen.

wine bottle tattoo

Via ShaneACuff.com

Looks like we’re ready for dessert. Let’s finish off the list and our meal with a pumpkin pie tattoo! Pumkin pie until the day I die – count us in!

pumpkin pie tattoo

Via TattoosByCerny

We wish you and your family a Happy Thankgsiving!