Musician Erik Neff Gets Tattoo Removal

Erik Neff A masterful guitarist & vocalist with deep roots in blues, country and rock, musician Erik Neff recently visited Dr. Tattoff in Frisco, Texas to have most of his tattoos removed, including an armband that was popular in the nineties.

It was an easy decision given the positive trajectory of his career and the lackadaisical approach he took to getting his tattoos in the first place. Most of the tattoos he has were impulse decisions. He walked into a tattoo shop and picked art from a board featuring popular options. He hadn’t given the specifics much thought; he just knew that he wanted tattoos because they were cool and musicians had them. So he didn’t select anything particularly meaningful. He chose symbols he thought reflected a rock and roll lifestyle. The only vaguely personal tattoo he is having removed are some letters that spell “Lerian”, a combination of his family’s initials, contained within a tribal armband.

Erik Neff at Dr. Tattoff for tattoo removal

Now years later with a recently released debut album produced by Grammy Award winning producer Ryan Greene (Megadeth, Jay Z, Cheap Trick), Erik is rethinking his ink. When he looks at his tattoos, he realizes they don’t define the man he’s become. They feel random and inconsequential. They just don’t belong with where he is today, or where he’s headed. So he’s having them removed.

Erik is also a model with Nieman Marcus, J.C. Penney’s, Hanes and other international brands. Although his tattoos can be covered using make-up and Photoshop in post-production, he has been overlooked for jobs because of the added expense and time needed to cover them. That will soon no longer be a concern and even as they fade in the coming months, they’ll become easier to cover up.

Check out the video of Erik talking about his tattoos, hear his latest single and witness his first tattoo removal session on his tribal armband.

Tribal tattoo before tattoo removal

Tattoo Before First Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

Here are photos of one of Erik’s tattoos before his first laser tattoo removal treatment and three days after his first laser tattoo removal treatment. You can already see that the shading has faded and in some places completely disappeared. Over the next six to eight weeks, while Erik is waiting for his next appointment, he’ll experience even more fading. Remember, the body does most of the work. Our lasers are just a catalyst for what the body wants to do – flush the ink through its system.

3 Days After First Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment

3 Days After First Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment