How Your Tax Return Can Enrich Your Life: April Tattoo Removal Special

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 11.56.20 AMIf you’re expecting a refund from your 2015 taxes, chances are you’ve been thinking about how to spend it. A Marc Jacobs handbag? An iPad Air? A pair of the season’s must-have chunky heel mules? There are countless ways to spend that extra cash, but before you do, consider investing it into your image, your well-being and your future.

Through surveys and interviews with our patients, we’ve learned that tattoo removal is incredibly liberating. It helps people move beyond difficult times and feelings, as they watch painful representations of the past fade over time.

In many cases, patients gain newfound perspectives long before they’ve even finished the tattoo removal process. The realization that you control your destiny results in personal empowerment and confidence that opens up new doors and opportunities that never existed before.  You thought that tattoo was forever? Not anymore. Imagine what else you can conquer!

Regardless of your reason for removing a tattoo, in all cases the process of removal is a personal journey of introspection and cleansing. What might at first seem cosmetic, is as much an internal transformation as it is an external one.

That’s because tattoos are markers of a particular time and experience. Most people clearly recall getting their tattoo and the meaning behind it (even if they were inebriated at the time). It is the letting go of that marker that brings a catharsis of sorts, and with it a new positive outlook.

So before you dump your tax return into the latest fashion trend or gadget, consider investing it into yourself.

To tempt you, we’re throwing in a free treatment when you purchase a package this month. It doesn’t matter how big your tattoo is — the first treatment is free of charge. But the offer expires at the end of April, so book your consultation now!