The Let It Go Tattoo Removal Sale

We hope you’re not offended by our gutsy tattoo removal campaign this month. It’s meant to be in good fun, and we’re certainly not casting judgement on anyone. Because how many times have we all thought something similar to ourselves after doing something we regretted? Whether it was sleeping with the wrong guy, or the right guy too soon, having one too many at a party, saying something dumb to your boss, or in this case, getting a bad tattoo, we’re all guilty of making mistakes.  The beauty of what we do at Dr. Tattoff, is that we make some of them go away.

For August, we’re encouraging anyone who has a tattoo they’ve been thinking about getting rid of to let it go. Most people with a tattoo they can’t stand just need a little nudging or a sweet deal to get them going.

That’s why we’re offering 30% off ANY tattoo removal in the month of August. This deal is designed to give you the motivation you need to make the first move towards getting that tattoo removed. Anyone who has gone through tattoo removal can tell you there’s personal growth in self-improvement. Not just on the outside, but on the inside.

If there’s a change you’d like to make that you know would improve your life, why wait? Now is the time to take action and start anew.