Tattoo Removal After First Treatment

tattoo removal after one treatmentIf you’re thinking about having a tattoo removed, you’re probably beginning to wonder what will my tattoo removal after my first treatment look like. It’s different for all patients; often tattoos will appear frosted right after the laser hits them.  This can cause people to believe that their tattoo has disappeared after one treatment. Unfortunately,  that is not the case. The frosting will dissipate after a few minutes and the tattoo may look lighter than it did before or it may look exactly like it did before you started treatment. This is not cause for concern. The tattoo fading will actually happen when you are going about your normal life, not when you’re sitting in a treatment room.

Tattoo Removal After

Our lasers are actually only a catalyst for the removal process. The tattoo removal laser breaks up the ink, and then your body begins metabolizing it, and the particles are washed through your system little by little.  We recommend taking a photo of your tattoo before you start treatment and then taking more photos during the process so you can compare how much your tattoo has faded. You’ll be surprised to see that just a few weeks after your first treatment, your tattoo will probably be noticeably lighter.

Each time we treat your tattoo (every 6 to 8 weeks or so), it’s broken into smaller pieces which your body flushes through its system. So your body actually does most of the work, and you’ll find that the longer you wait between treatments, the more your tattoo will fade. Some of our patients who have the best results are those who leave for deployment with the military and don’t return for their next tattoo removal treatment until six or nine months later.

We don’t necessarily recommend waiting that long because we know you’re looking to get your tattoo removed as quickly as possible, but there is no negative impact from having long gaps between treatments. The removal process continues even when you’re not coming in to our clinic regularly.