Tattoo Gets His “I Slept with Shaq Tattoo” Removed

Tattoo The One with Dr. Kirby at Dr. Tattoff

“Tattoo” and Dr. Tattoff Medical Director

Last week, we started removing a forehead tattoo that is somewhat legendary around Los Angeles. In 2001, DJ David “Tattoo” Gonzalez, formerly of Big Boy’s Neighborhood and now an announcer for Golden Boy Promotions, entered a “What Would You Do to Sit Courtside” contest for Lakers vs. 76ers NBA Finals tickets by getting the words “I slept with Shaq” tattooed across his forehead.  Shaq was impressed, he won the tickets and shortly thereafter, he scored an arguably bigger prize when Big Boy, the radio host, gave him a job at LA’s Power 106.

We see lots of tattoos that make us go hmm, but this one is near the top of the list. We usually don’t ask our patients why they got their tattoo, unless they’re interested in talking about it. Some people want to tell their story, but for those who don’t, we give them the utmost in respect and privacy. Of course, it probably doesn’t surprise anyone that a guy sporting oddly fancy cursive writing claiming sexual exploits with a superstar athlete across his dome isn’t shy, and probably never has been. There are plenty of articles online about Tattoo’s various exploits (and oh there are others). We love the interesting people we meet every day at Dr. Tattoff!

Now nearly 15 years later, Tattoo is a career-minded father devoted to his kids, and he’s decided it’s time to bid the tattoos adieu, with the help of Dr. Tattoff. It will take multiple treatments to remove Tattoo’s “I slept with Shaq” tattoo, but we expect he’ll be tattoo free in less than a year. He came into Dr. Tattoff last week to start the tattoo removal process. Check out the video of his first treatment below!