Tattoo Artist Gets Face & Neck Tattoos Removed – Video


Nathan Cano Tattoo ArtistAt 21 years old, Nathan Cano of Northridge, California, is a rising tattoo artist, just beginning to hit his stride. He has done incredible realistic portraits of Tupac to Lucille Ball, has over 10,000 Instagram followers (@tattoosbyheightz) and can hardly keep up with the demand for his work. But despite his popularity, Nathan Cano is laying the groundwork for another career. Not because he wants to, but because he is being forced to due to a diagnosis he recently received.

Nathan started to notice something strange happening in his fingers about a year ago. He was feeling tremendous pain and couldn’t figure out the cause. When he could no longer deny something was wrong, he made an appointment with the doctor. His doctor couldn’t pinpoint the cause, but Nathan was persistent and eventually ended up seeing a rheumatologist who diagnosed the issue as tendinitis. The doctor told him he would need to find different work where he would use his hands less. Tendinitis usually afflicts those over 40; it is rarely diagnosed on someone as young as Nathan.

When you first see Nathan, your guard goes up. He has tattoos above his eyebrows in what looks to the untrained eye like a gang font. But when he opens his mouth, the first thing you notice is his gentle nature and open heart. He is not in a gang, nor is he anyone you’d ever fear. But he realizes how people perceive him, and now that he is thinking about his other professional options, he knows the face tattoos have to go. He’ll also be removing his hand tattoos (pictured here) for the same reason.Hand tattoos

For now, Nathan is still currently tattooing but far less than he was (he still needs to make a living). He just can’t spend the hours a day he did drawing anymore, and has to limit the frequency in which he uses his hands because of the severe pain the tendinitis is causing.

Nathan came to our Sherman Oaks Dr. Tattoff location as part of a plan to pursue higher education and he has not ruled out a management position in a corporate setting. So his immediate focus is to begin the tattoo removal process while he begins the transition away from tattooing and make a plan for the future. It will take about 10 treatments to remove Nathan’s tattoos, which if his sessions are spaced 6 to 8 weeks apart, will be a little less than 2 years. The good news for Nathan is that he won’t even be 25 yet when they’re all gone.

Nathan isn’t getting rid of all his tattoos, just the most visible ones that would be impossible to cover. We’ve included a couple of the tattoos he’s keeping here:  the young girl pictured is a portrait of his daughter, and the other shown here is a portrait tattoo his friend did of Bob Marley.

tattoo portrait on nathan cano

Bob Marley Tattoo
















Watch Nathan tell his story and see his face and neck laser tattoo removal treatment in this video.