Why This Hollywood Stuntman is Getting His Tattoos Removed


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Paul Lacovara is a successful stuntman in Hollywood. He’s doubled for just about any actor you can name, appearing regularly in movies and TV shows from blockbusters such as The Avengers to Godzilla, and recent Sci-Fi films such as Divergent.

Patient at Dr. Tattoff

Although he continues to land regular gigs, he has one obstacle that prevents him from securing more. That’s his tattoo. He’s got a large tribal tattoo on his arm that usually needs to be covered, sometimes simply because the short sleeve t-shirt they want him wearing might expose just a few inches of it. So on most films, he spends about 15 minutes or more per day (sometimes over a period of weeks), sitting in a chair with a make-up artist. He’s certain that there have been missed opportunities where he was passed over for a job, because the studios see that 15 minutes as money (which over time really adds up, especially for features and series that can take months to film). So if they can find another stuntman without tattoos, they’ll save themselves some time and money.

Paul Lacovara in Makeup

Here are photos of Paul taken recently in the dressing room on set for a popular network television show (he couldn’t disclose which one). As you can see, in the first photo, they have just applied some airbrushed concealer to his arm, which was later blended in to match his skin tone. Just below is a photo of him after the make-up has been fully applied. It’s like he never had a tattoo! And soon, thanks to Dr. Tattoff, he won’t.

Paul Lacovara

Paul got both of his two tattoos when he was in his twenties. He’s now in his thirties, with a family and feels no connection to either tattoo. They were both the result of silly impulsive acts that he now regrets. He’s been looking to have them removed for awhile now, and was just dragging his feet due to scheduling and perhaps a little apprehension about what would be involved.

In this video, check out Paul’s treatment and a short clip of him drifting, one of his specialties. If you’re not familiar with drifting, it’s a driving technique where the driver intentionally oversteers and loses traction in the rear wheels or all tires, while maintaining control while turning a corner.  It’s commonly seen in movies and on car commercials.

In the short video, you’ll also hear Paul talk about his tattoos and watch him go under the laser for the first time to begin the removal process!