40% Off Sleeve and Half-Sleeve Tattoo Removal

One of the most popular reasons people get their tattoos removed is for expanding their career prospects. Many people have tattoos that extend to the lower portions of their arms. For those seeking professional careers in banking, finance or at a blue chip, Fortune 500 company, tattoos are still often frowned upon by management. Many people wear long-sleeved shirts to work every day, not because it’s cold or they have to, but because they don’t want anyone in the workplace to know about their tattoos.

We also see a lot of actors and models who believe they are missing out on opportunities and being declined for roles because of their ink. Even when they are booked for a job, they notice that the make-up artist has to spend additional time covering up their tattoos which puts them at a disadvantage for future gigs.

It is with these individuals in mind that we decided to roll out this month’s offer for 40% off sleeve and half-sleeve tattoos.  If you have a large tattoo on your arm that measures over 20 square inches, or multiple tattoos on your arms, come in this month and take advantage of this stellar offer, which ends on November 30, 2104.