Ring In The New Year with This Tattoo Removal Deal


Every new year presents a chance for personal growth and enlightenment as we work to become better than we were the year before.

What form that takes depends on who you are and the obstacles you face. Some people are looking to land a new job or promotion. Others are interested in entering a new career field. In either case, it’s often a visible tattoo that stands between them and their aspirations. Unfortunately, the decisions we make in our teens and twenties when we’re feeling rebellious and carefree, have a way of biting us in the tuchus (that’s Yiddish for buttocks) down the road.

Passion and romance inspire us to embrace our ideals in similar regrettable ways, like getting a tattoo of our significant other’s name or initials. Then a heart shatters and it all falls apart. That’s when we learn the tough lesson that everlasting love is elusive, but thank goodness for tattoo removal.

And then of course, this year like every other year, people looking to start a family or  become a better role model to their children will take the first step of removing a tattoo they’re not proud of in order to prevent their little mes from making the same mistake.

In any event, some percentage of people will come to Dr. Tattoff looking to remove a tattoo as part of a bigger life goal they have. For those people, we offer a stellar New Year’s tattoo removal deal to help them get started.

Through the end of January, get 1 FREE tattoo removal treatment and 25% off when you purchase a package. It’s simple, we calculate how many treatments it will take to remove your tattoo and then we deduct one  before we price it. After that, we take 25% off the top. It’s our best deal of the season!


And if you’re hair is a little bushy here or there and you’d like to never it see again, we can help you with that too! In 9 treatments or less, you’ll be throwing away your razor and feeling smooth as a cucumber. Get 40% off any laser hair removal package this month only.