Pop Star Aaron Carter Gets Tattoos Removed

Aaron Carter at Dr. Tattoff

Pop Star Aaron Carter is on a mission to redefine himself. At 27 years old, an age when most people are still sowing their wild oats and just beginning to map out the future, Aaron Carter has already lived a life most people will only ever dream of.

When Aaron Carter was 13 years old, he was a pop star with an album that sold 1.5 million copies, touring with the Backstreet Boys (his older brother is Nick Carter). Not long after he was practically thrust into the limelight, Aaron Carter got his first tattoo. He was 15.

Although at this point, he was already a teen heart throb adored by millions, he was determined to change his image. He was a scrawny kid and thought the tattoos would make him look tough. One day in the Florida Keys where he lived at the time with his family, he visited a tattoo shop and got inked. He continued to add more ink as he grew older.

aaron carter dr. tattoff chest tattoos

Before he came in, we had been corresponding with Aaron about removing some of his tattoos for awhile. Between recording new music, touring and acting, he travels quite a bit and his schedule is pretty jammed. When we finally found a time for him to visit Dr. Tattoff, we expected he’d want one or two, maybe three tattoos removed. We were surprised to learn that Aaron is ready to begin the process of eventually removing ALL of his tattoos. And he’s got many; there seems to be one on almost every part of his body. He has a huge one down the left side of his torso that says “purity, strength and courage” in what looks like Arabic. That will be one of many that will meet their demise in the near future. Others include a star with the number 7 on his forearm, inspired by one of his dancers, a microphone that represents an award he won years ago, the likeness of his twin sister angel on his other arm, a Louis Vuitton logo on his hand, and probably a dozen others.

aaron carter arm tattoos

His decision stems from a new perspective he gained recently. He sees his tattoos and himself differently than he did while he was growing up. Sitting comfortably in one of our consultation rooms in our Beverly Hills clinic, he shared the stories behind most of his tattoos and opened up about how he perceives tattoos these days. He explained articulately that they detract from who he is, and he wants to restore his skin to its original state.

Aaron is likable and full of energy. We can see why he continues to have a growing fan base. He’s a social media devotee, pausing every few minutes to share each moment with his followers. He’s impulsive, authentic and accessible – what you see is what you get with Aaron, at least from what we could tell. He even divulged his personal cell phone number in a Twitter post  recently. We’re betting he regrets that move though, much like the tattoos he got when he was a kid.

aaron carter tattoo removal dr. tattoff

Besides his infectious cheer and gentle disposition, we admire Aaron (and many of the other patients we treat) for his courage in admitting he made a mistake and doing something about it. With tattoo removal available, there’s no reason anyone has to go through life tortured by regret.

To get the inside scoop on Aaron’s tattoos and hear him squeal with both pain (he declined the numbing cream) and delight as he endures his first tattoo removal session, peep the video below!