Tattoo Removal Images

If you’re thinking about getting a tattoo removed, you’re probably doing research and looking online for any tattoo removal images and videos you can find that show the process. Our Dr. Tattoff YouTube channel is full of videos and we recommend exploring them if you’re wondering what a treatment is like and how long it lasts. However, videos take time to watch so if you’re at work and you’re supposed to be working (shh!), you may need to be more discrete.  So in the meantime, here are some tattoo removal photos of patients at our Dr. Tattoff clinic in Atlanta. You’ll see the diversity of the people we treat, the types of tattoos people remove, and get an inside look at what to expect.

Bicep tattoo removal

Dark skin hand tattoo removal



Foot tattoo removal Atlanta

Back tattoo removal Atlanta

Knuckle Tattoo Removal Atlanta

Inner lip tattoo removal Atlanta

Dark skin tattoo removal

Chest tattoo removal

Back of Neck Tattoo Removal Atlanta

Back of Neck Tattoo Removal Atlanta

Back Wing Tattoo Removal Atlanta

Forearm Tattoo Removal