Awe-Inspiring Photos of Laser Tattoo Removal In Progress


It seems that every patient wants to know what their tattoo will look like as it goes through the laser tattoo removal process. They want to see photos of other peoples’ tattoos in order to gauge how theirs might look. However, predicting what your tattoo will look like as you move through the laser tattoo removal process is not as straightforward as it might seem.

That’s because every tattoo is unique. That’s not just marketing rhetoric, it’s true. They are like snowflakes.

Because tattoos are done by hand and there are no regulations on the contents of ink, no one can foresee exactly how a tattoo will react to laser tattoo removal. If someone insists that they can, then they’re not telling you the truth, in which case we’d caution you to beware.

That’s why we will always refer to our assessment on how many tattoo removal treatments it will take to remove your tattoo as an estimate.

Until we’ve had an opportunity to see how your tattoo reacts to the laser, it’s hard to know what colors we’re truly dealing with in your tattoo. For example, some artists will add blue to black in order to make it darker. Since blue is an ink color that takes longer to remove than black, your tattoo may need more treatments than we thought.

On the other hand, we’ve had tattoos we thought would take 15 treatments and they’ve only taken 10 treatments. That’s precisely why we have a guarantee, which you can read about here. The point is, the results of your laser tattoo removal sessions depend on a number of factors, only some of which are immediately apparent to even the most trained laser tattoo removal specialist.

Nonetheless, patients still ask “What will my tattoo look like after one treatment?” Or “What will my tattoo look like after four treatments?” And so on.

It’s hard to say but here are some photos of other patients who have been through the process. Some have had one laser tattoo removal treatment, others have had multiple treatments.

This will give you an idea of what your tattoo might look like at different points in the process.

What we can tell you, and you’ll notice it in some of these before and after photos, is that black ink and shading will resolve the most quickly. The frog tattoo photo below is perhaps the best example of this. After only one treatment, you can see that most of the color remains although it is significantly faded, but the black is noticeably absent for the most part.

Laser Tattoo Removal Photo After 4 Treatments


Laser Tattoo Removal Photo After 1 Treatments


Laser Tattoo Removal Photo After 11 Treatments


Laser Tattoo Removal Photo After 13 Treatments


And just to get you excited about what lies ahead, here are some recent before and after photos of patient tattoos.

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