October Hair Removal Sale Is Scary Good

Nothing creeps most people out more than too much hair in the wrong place. If you’ve got hair that flows out of your follicles and into a massive sheath of fur that’s not on your head, it’s time to come see Dr. Tattoff. Because it’s Halloween this month and we don’t want you to scare anyone away with your hair, we’re offering a serious discount on hair removal – get 40% off any area when you purchase a package.

Whether it’s on your back (we’re telling you, the ladies ain’t into it), your legs, or your chinny chin chin (it is Halloween and we’ve all had those pesky, wiry hairs that bring out the witch in us), then come on in and let’s get you started! You’ll immediately see a reduction in hair and in less than six months, you’ll barely have any at all!

When it comes to non-invasive, painless cosmetic treatments, hair removal packs the biggest bang for you buck! Especially when it’s this reasonable.