November Laser Tattoo Removal Special from Dr. Tattoff

FallofRegretAny life worth living has its share of regrets, especially if we’re honest with ourselves. Some of those regrets leave us with heavier loads to bear than others. Living with a tattoo you don’t want or reminds you of a negative time from your past is one them. An unwanted tattoo that feels permanent can create strain, sorrow and even despondency. We’ve met patients who have confided in us that their tattoo has become a barrier to taking a relationship to another level, following a new career path or getting over a broken heart.

As we enter into the heart of fall and the leaves begin to turn glorious shades of amber, life slows down some and we retreat to our nests. A portion of us will spend the time constructively, reflecting on the past and looking inward. A range of emotions will be experienced, some of which may fuel a focus on self-improvement and change.

At Dr. Tattoff, we’ll see a lot of new patients who visit us for the first time, wearing a mix of regret, fear and hope. The regret stems from a decision they made in getting a tattoo they no longer identify with, while the fear comes from a place of not knowing whether tattoo removal is an option for them. The hope is that they have the fortitude to move forward with the process so that they can move on with their lives, and land in a better place from which to launch a future.

We know that all regret can’t be erased, which is where this month’s campaign comes in. We’re not talking about a magic potion that reverses all the not so great decisions we’ve made. We’re talking about regretting less, and taking control of those aspects of our lives where we can. If you’re feeling like you’re ready to do away with one of your regrets, now is your chance to get started with two free treatments when you purchase a tattoo removal package. Like your tattoo though, this offer won’t last forever so make sure to book a free consultation at one of our Dr. Tattoff locations by calling 888-828-8633 or you can schedule one online here.

Tattoo removal discount

Tattoo removal discount