Meet a Typical Dr. Tattoff Patient & Watch Her Ankle Tattoo Removal Treatment

Peri Bayazit

ankle tattoo removalAlthough you might think so because of the videos and blog posts we share, not all of our patients have sleeve tattoos or their faces covered in ink. Most of our patients are actually people who have one or two tattoos they got when they were younger and now want their tattoos removed for professional or personal reasons.

Peri is a typical Dr. Tattoff patient. She got a tattoo with one of her besties when they were in their twenties. Now in her early forties, she’s ready to see it go.

Peri works in the entertainment industry in finance, and doesn’t identify with her tattoo anymore. It was fun when she got it, and she loves telling the story because it reminds her of a time when she didn’t have a care in the world. ankle tattoo removal

After this one, Peri never got any more tattoos. It turned out to be a mere novelty for her, more of a fashion statement than a lifestyle. Although she doesn’t hate the tattoo, and it doesn’t trigger any negative associations, she can’t imagine having it when she’s fifty. Like so many patients, she never considered whether her tastes might evolve as she got older. It seemed like a good idea at the time so she did it, with no real regard for how she’d feel about it twenty years later.

Peri’s tattoo is of a small dolphin, an image many young women become enamored with because of the various meanings the symbol represents. From simple concepts of freedom, renewal and intelligence, to more complex themes like being both fish and mammal (breathing both air and water) and the implication of being in two worlds at once. It’s not that Peri doesn’t agree with these themes anymore, it’s just that at this time in her life, a tattoo seems like a silly or trite way to express them.

Peri’s tattoo will take multiple treatments to remove. Watch a short video of Peri talking about her tattoo and then see the super quick second treatment.