Last Chance to Lose the Tat Before Summer Deal!

Do-It-Now-Deals-2As the weather heats up and we reach for shorts, sandals and spaghetti strap blouses, we’re reminded of our unwanted ink. During the winter, it’s easier to forget but during the spring and summer when they’re on display for everyone to see, doing something about them tends to become more of a priority.

To help you get started, we’re offering a screaming deal on laser tattoo removal this month (you can scroll down to see them or read on to get the scoop). Our tattoo removal deal is designed to rid the world of trite sayings and motivational quotations you probably didn’t need to be reminded of for a lifetime. After all, what motivates you today probably isn’t what motivated you ten, or even five years ago. And that song lyric that seemed genius when your favorite band sang it years ago, well chances are you’re sick of it by now. Don’t get us wrong, we’re not knocking what you believe or believed in; it’s just human nature to discover meaning and inspiration from new sources as you encounter more experiences and challenges throughout your life.

Be Good Do Good TattooPersonally, I used to love the saying “This too shall end.” It helped me get through my twenties, which weren’t easy at times (especially the early part when I was chasing down the wrong guys). Today (well, the last couple months), I’m hooked on the latest Conor Oberst album, Upside Down Mountain, which is crammed full of brilliant musings that resonate with where I am today. I won’t be tattooing any of the lyrics on my body, but I understand why someone might!

The tattoo you see in the photo here that says “Be Good Do Good” is good friend of mine’s. He recently realized that he doesn’t need the tattoo to remind him to be good and do good. He had it for maybe a year tops when he realized that it was sort of pointless. He’s a successful doctor and I’d never call him flighty. He’s a smart, thoughtful man who made a mistake.


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