Laser Hair Removal Summer Spectacular


If you’ve ever thought about laser hair removal on any part of your body, this would be the time to do it. This month, we are running our most sensational deal of the year and we probably won’t run it again for awhile, or ever (our finance department doesn’t love this offer because, well, they’re into making money, not losing it!).

We’ve literally cut our prices in half to give as many patients as possible, the opportunity to get in on a good deal. So we’re offering, Buy One Hair Removal Area, Get One Free, also known as, 2 Areas for the Price of 1.

Perhaps you’re just one of those people that was born with a lot of hair, or maybe it’s not the amount of hair but it’s really dark and unruly. Maybe if makes you feel manly at times. So why not take care of your legs and arms at the same time – you pay for only one, but you get both done. Or maybe you’d like to look smoother at the beach next summer, then consider zapping your bikini and your underarms. Get twice the loss, and feel super boss!