The Results So Far! Laser Tattoo Removal on Face: Justin Spakowitz Now

Justin BeforeIf you keep up with us on YouTube or read our blog, you’ve probably seen photos of Justin Spakowitz (AKA Spanky), pictured above (the “before” photo). He’s also been featured on, Bam Margera’s website and had his story shared by many high-profile tattoo artists and enthusiasts.

Justin is currently undergoing laser tattoo removal on his face at Dr. Tattoff.

 After a year-and-a-half of treatments, he’s over halfway through the process. Many of his tattoos are completely gone or have faded dramatically. What’s left is mostly blue ink, which we are using the Astanza Eternity Q-switched ruby laser system to treat. This particular laser is exceptional at removing rare and resistant tattoo colors.

While he was visiting our Dr. Tattoff Orange County laser tattoo removal clinic, we spent some time talking about how his life has changed since starting the tattoo removal process. When he initially started the tattoo removal process with us, he was single, working on his relationship with his son (who was 8 then), and reevaluating life choices he had made.

Deciding to remove the tattoos that he had once been so proud of, was the first step in getting his future back on track. Since starting laser tattoo removal, he has entered a healthy relationship with Joie (pictured), a new woman who was pregnant when he met her. Realizing he wanted to spend his life with her, he took on the role of new father, as they together raise what is for all intensive purposes, their child (even though it’s not Justin’s biological son).

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.02.10 AM

Since becoming a family (Joie comes to every one of Justin’s tattoo removal sessions), they’ve opened up a motorcycle dealership in 29 Palms, where they buy used bikes and fix them up to be sold.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 10.05.10 AM He’s also preparing to go back to court in order to gain more custody of his son. As Justin mentioned in our interview, he is looking forward to showing the judge the progress he’s made with regard to his face, which was once covered in ink.

Hear more from Justin and watch his latest laser tattoo removal treatment in the video below: