Knuckle Tattoos: Career Killer or the Ultimate in Self-Expression? Find Out Why Julz is Getting Hers Removed

Knuckle Tats
Affectionately known as career killers, knuckle tattoos are a common tattoo people want to remove. Unless your plan is to creep people out by wearing gloves all the time, there’s really no option for covering them up.

People who get knuckle tattoos often work in fields where they’re not going to be discriminated against for their tattoos, and if anything, their ink enhances their image: production, film, the arts, cosmetology, construction. That’s the case for Julz Taus, who has been a hairdresser and colorist for years.

But when you have knuckle tattoos and you’re interested in being promoted or decide to pursue an office position, the options start to narrow.

Some people choose knuckle tattoos before they’ve spent time envisioning their prospects for the long-term future, while others make the choice as part of a determination to stay as far away as possible from the corporate world. Circumstances change though, and in a tough economy, it’s best to keep your options open. The more places you can apply for a job or careers you can consider, the better your odds will be of getting a job when the market is tight. If you have highly visible tattoos, you’re automatically going to miss out on opportunities.

Knuckle Tattoos Free Ride

Aside from how you’ll make a living, there are other reasons to reconsider getting a knuckle tattoo. Think of all the times you might want to cover it: meeting your spouse’s family for the first time, a wedding or memorial, a cocktail party at the boss’s house, a black tie affair… We could go on and on. For this reason, we recommend thinking long and hard about getting knuckle tats. The impossibility of covering them up means you’re stuck with them all day, every day on every occasion.

Julz got her knuckle ink years ago, and now in her early thirties, it’s are beginning to get in the way of where her life is headed.

Is the value of rebellious self-expression worth the risk of closing off your opportunities for the future? Lucky for Julz, she’s exercising her options by seeking out tattoo removal.

Tattoo removal is an option for everyone, but how long does a knuckle tattoo take to remove? The good news is, most knuckle tattoos can be removed. The bad news is, they are going to take some time. Knuckle tattoos are among the most time-consuming tattoos to remove.

That’s because one of the factors we look at when assessing how long it will take to remove a tattoo is its location on your body. Tattoos located on the hands or fingers take longer than most other parts of the body. The only other area that takes just as long are the feet. That’s because the circulation in these areas isn’t as strong as other parts of your body, like the chest.

Knuckle Tattoo Removal

There are some exceptions but generally knuckle tattoos take over a year to remove (maybe 15 months or so). The size of your tattoo has nothing to do with how long it takes to remove. The depth of the ink, the color of the ink and the location on your body are some of the factors that matter.

Recently, Julz, who is an educator in the beauty industry came into Dr. Tattoff to get her knuckle tattoos removed. As you’ll see in the video below, she’s a pretty bad ass young woman, which is why her knuckle tats say “Iron Made.” She got them seven years ago before her career had taken off. At the time, she figured she’d live out her working years doing hair, so it didn’t really didn’t matter. If you’ve been into a salon in the last ten years, you’d be hard-pressed to find someone without a tattoo! However, Julz was recently promoted to a position where she would be better served to not have the tattoos.

Check out the video below for the full scoop and then watch our laser go to work on removing Julz’ knuckle tattoos.