Kelley (Our Manager) Gets Her “Tramp Stamp” Removed


When you come into Dr. Tattoff, you’ll find that many of our employees have tattoos. Most of them have also either had one removed or they are currently going through the laser tattoo removal process.

Tattoo removal is such a personal, soul-bearing decision, that it helps if you’re working with someone who understands not only the technology, but the emotions involved with letting go of something you cared enough about at one point to think you’d want forever.

Kelley as a Clippers Girl

Kelley, the manager at our Orange County Dr. Tattoff clinic, is currently getting her “tramp stamp” removed (as she refers to it). We know the term “tramp stamp” has become a popular descriptive term for a lower back tattoo, but as a woman, I feel like it’s somewhat derogatory, when it’s not used in a sensitive, playful way (having a tattoo on your lower back does not mean you’re promiscuous.)

Kelley Chivas USA CheerleaderA former Clipper Girl and Chivas USA Cheerleader, Kelley spent years hiding it because tattoos were not part of either organization’s image. Now married with two young daughters, she has continued to hide and regret them. As a mother, she’s concerned about being a role model, and does not want her daughters to be influenced by her decisions.

Tattoo Removal before after

Kelley has already gone through 7 treatments but she’s got a ways to go until it’s gone.

Her tattoo is mostly blue, one of the peskier ink colors to remove. We use a different laser to get rid of blue ink, than we do for black ink. You’ll see that same laser in action when you watch the video below.

Kelley’s tattoo has seen quite a bit of fading, which is especially noticeable when you see the before pic. But she’s got about 7 or 8 treatments left, so we’re talking about at least another 9 months or so until it’s fully gone. A reminder, that if you’re considering getting a new tattoo and you think you’ll ever want to get it removed, go with black or red, not blue.

The last time I was in the clinic, I was lucky enough to catch Kelley right before her treatment so she agreed to let me film it. Check it out here: