Justin’s Transformation: 8 Treatments

For those following Justin’s story, we wanted to provide an update. We’re continuing to treat him at our Orange County clinic pretty regularly. We recommend that patients come in every 6 to 8 weeks and Justin has been coming in on average, every 8 weeks or so. However, he missed his most recent appointment in November due to his work schedule (he drives to our clinic all the way from 29 Palms). So he’s overdue for another visit with the laser soon, probably this month. We’re excited to see his results in person (he texted us the photo below).

The videos of his first and third treatments continue to be incredibly popular on YouTube. The first one has over 2.7 million views! It seems everyone is interested in Justin’s story, which you can read in more detail here.

Justin has had 8 treatments on one side of his face and 9 on the other side of his face. On his first appointment, we only treated half of his face to prevent his entire face from swelling up. Once he was comfortable and we knew what to expect (he experienced less swelling than we thought he would), he started opting to have both sides of his face treated on the same day. If you’ve seen the video, we don’t have to tell you how tough or committed Justin is to getting these tattoos removed.Justin-Dr-Tattoff-Before-&-After

His first appointment at Dr. Tattoff was in June 2014, and it’s January 2016 now, so we’ve been removing his tattoos for a total of 18 months. When we originally met with Justin, we estimated about 2 years or so to completely remove the tattoos. Given he’s occasionally missed a treatment, it may take a little longer but as you can see in the updated photo, he’s making undeniable progress. We hear from him that people stare less now, which was part of the goal of his removal. He liked the attention when he first got the tattoos, but he’s grown tired of the mixed reactions he receives. He even admitted recently that part of him wishes he was getting his neck tattoos removed too.

You can still see some of his face tattoos, but parts of them are completely faded and all the shading is gone. What’s left is mainly blue ink, which takes longer to remove than black ink.

We’ll be posting another video soon, and as soon as all of Justin’s tats are gone, look for a full-length video documenting the entire process from beginning to end.

Here’s the original video that documents his first treatment.

Here is video of his third treatment.