Justin’s Face Tattoo Removal Progress

Face Tattoo Removal Treatment

Justin Before Starting Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment on his face tattoos in April 2014

With the popularity of Justin’s face tattoo removal story and YouTube videos, many people have contacted us and left comments with questions like, “what does he look like now?” Others ask, “are his tattoos gone yet?” The answer is, they aren’t gone yet (we estimated that it would take about a year and a half) and he is continuing to go through treatments at Dr. Tattoff on a regular basis.

We are planning to do a full reveal when he’s all done with treatments, but since there is such interest in his progress, we’ve decided to share a few recent photos.

Justin has been visiting Dr. Tattoff every 8 to 10 weeks since his first treatment in April 2014. As of the photos below, he has probably 5 or 6 treatments to go (that’s an estimate, we don’t know for sure yet), but as you’ll see in the photos below, his face tattoos show remarkable fading.

The way laser tattoo removal works is that laser fractionates the ink, and the patient’s body does the rest by disposing of it over time. Looking at Justin’s results so far, his body has been working overtime to get the ink out of his system.

We’re thrilled with the result so far and Justin seems equally pleased. The last time we spoke to him a few weeks ago, he said people were already treating him differently in public and his life was changing.

Justin face tattoo removal before picture

Justin in April 2014, with numbing cream on, right before his first tattoo removal treatment

justin tattoo removal dr. tattoff

The other side of Justin’s face in April 2014 (same visit), while he’s icing his face before his first treatment

Justin face tattoo removal dr. tattoff

Justin in November 2014 before the fourth treatment on this side of his face.


Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 9.35.21 PM

Same day in November 2014, the other side of Justin’s face, before his fifth treatment on this side.

Peep the latest pic of Justin’s progress here!