Julz & Her Tattoo Artist Visit Dr. Tattoff Together for Her 2nd Knuckle Tattoo Removal Treatment

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One of our newer patients, Julz brought her tattoo artist with her recently as she embarked on her second knuckle tattoo removal treatment at Dr. Tattoff in Orange County. For the back story, watch Julz’ video on why she’s having her knuckle tats removed. For a better view of them, you can see them in the photo below – and in case you’re wondering, she’s keeping the chest tattoo which is the title of an uplifting song by her favorite band, Iron Maiden.

Julz brought John into Dr. Tattoff so he could see what the process was like, and hopefully convince him to give it a shot on one of his tattoos. You see, John has been referring patients to us for years, but he had never been into Dr. Tattoff for laser tattoo removal. In fact, he had never had a tattoo layered period. His solution for covering tattoos is – well, uh, you’ll have to watch the this video for the secret to how he deals with unwanted tattoos. It’s a doozy and well worth waiting for, we’ll leave it at that.

Sure enough, he found a small tat that he was willing to part with, just to give it a go and experience the feeling.

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Aside from sharing something that has become very exciting in her life (watching the tattoos that have defined her for so long fade into oblivion fade), Julz also wanted to tell John about the specific tattoos she’s having removed. They are actually tattoos he did, which she was a little apprehensive about telling him.

In the video below, Julz and John discuss their tradition of after-Thanksgiving tattoos, how they collaborate on ideas, and how he feels about the news that she’s removing one of the tattoos he gave her. Of course, you’ll also witness her dramatic second laser tattoo removal treatment on her knuckles.