Join Our New Year’s Revolution! Buy One Get One for 50% Off

New year, new you, right?!! Well, this January we’re making it even easier to get where you’re going with your life. Whether that means saying goodbye to an old love whose still taking up real estate on your body or getting rid of a tattoo you thought was cool when you were twenty, we’ve got an offer to help you make it happen.

This month, when you buy a tattoo removal package, you can get a second one for 50% off! That means you could get two tattoos removed, instead of just one.

If you only have one tattoo you’d like removed, then you can take the 50% off a hair removal package and restore your skin to its soft babylike state. We can remove hair anywhere on your body, from your bikini area (yes, we do Brazilians!) to your back (for all the fellas out there). We even do upper lip hair removaland we can take care of those pesky coarse chin hairs with our laser too.