Is Tattoo Removal Worth It?

Girl with back tattoo

Have you ever said to yourself, “I wish I hadn’t done that?” Tattoo removal is one of the few opportunities where you can take something you regret back. Nonetheless, when considering the cost and time involved, it’s natural to contemplate, is tattoo removal worth it?

It depends on your intent. Most people who make the decision to get a tattoo removed do it for very pivotal, personal reasons that have to do with career progression, spiritual being, interpersonal relationships or self-esteem. If your rationale falls into any one of these categories or another equally momentous one, chances are you’ll be very happy you had your tattoo removed, regardless of the investment.

Having a tattoo you don’t like, are embarrassed by, reminds you of a negative phase of your life or that doesn’t represent who you are anymore can create self-doubt, insecurity and stress. Like being overweight or having acne, it can inflict psychological damage that impacts your outlook on life, your mood or your ambition. If you believe your tattoo is an issue, then it most certainly is breeding one.

marijuana leaf tattoo

Although the process of removing a tattoo takes considerable time, most patients who have completed the process are elated with the results. Many feel a renewed sense of being, they’re excited about life and their desire to achieve new heights is ignited. They’ve experienced a sense of accomplishment that can translate into a desire to overcome other barriers in their lives.

Realizing that you can fix past mistakes and right some of your wrongs is empowering and a reminder of the ability one has in controlling the outcomes in our lives. For anyone who values the importance of owning their own destiny, tattoo removal is likely to be well worth it months or years after your tattoo has been removed. Some might argue that the results are priceless.