Is Tattoo Removal Safe During Pregnancy?

tattoo removal breastfeedingtattoo removal breastfeedingWomen who become pregnant often almost immediately gain a new perspective on their lives and look to begin making positive changes immediately. Having a tattoo that no longer represents who they are is one of those considerations, and often leads to the question, is tattoo removal safe during pregnancy?

Because we are a medical service provider, we make most decisions based on research and clinical studies. There has never been a clinical study done on the safety of tattoo removal during pregnancy. Because tattoo removal is an elective procedure, we will most likely never see a study conducted on the topic.

We have no evidence to believe that there is any harm done to mother or baby during tattoo removal while breastfeeding or pregnant. Nonetheless, the safety of our patients is our number one priority, and therefore we have made a decision to not provide laser tattoo removal to anyone who is pregnant.

We recommend waiting until after you have had the baby to begin or continue tattoo removal treatments. If you are going through the laser tattoo removal process, and you learn that you are pregnant, we recommend stopping all treatments until you have given birth. Kindly let the manager of the clinic where you are treating know, and we will prepare to resume your treatments at a future date.

We care about our patients so while we’d love your business, your health and your newborn baby’s future is our most important consideration.