Is Tattoo Removal Safe During Breastfeeding?


33-1225726336xv5wA natural time to start thinking about returning your skin to its natural state is when you’re bringing a new life into this world, which leads people to ask, is it safe to have a tattoo removed while breastfeeding?

When new moms take on the mindset of raising a child, being a positive role model takes on increased importance, leading women to think about what type of example they are setting.

It is surprisingly common for women with newborns to contact Dr. Tattoff anxious to take off their tattoo, and ready to get started as soon as possible.

We understand how priorities change during one’s life, and starting a family is one of those turning points where women (and men) evaluate whether they’re projecting the image they want to for their children.

If you are breastfeeding, we can treat your tattoo. There are no published medical studies on the effect of laser tattoo removal treatments on women who are breastfeeding, and we have no reason to believe it is harmful.

However, we do not recommend using numbing cream to patients who are breastfeeding. That’s because the numbing cream can make its way into your breastmilk. We don’t know what the impact of that is, which is why we prefer to take the utmost caution.

We will either advise patients who are breastfeeding not to numb, or if they do want to numb, we recommend that they ‘pump and dump’ twice after the cream is removed. The safety of our patients and in this case their children, is always our number one concern.