Is It Possible to Remove Only Part of a Larger Tattoo?

Not every patient that visits Dr. Tattoff wants an entire tattoo removed. Some people are looking to have only a part of their tattoo removed, or in some cases a part of it faded for a cover-up. The reasons for removing a small part of a larger tattoo run the gamut from a word that was accidentally misspelled and needs to be corrected (more common that you might imagine), the name of an ex that is lodged into the design of a larger piece which the person intends to keep (or inside a heart tattoo that the person wants to keep or replace with a new name), to a portrait tattoo that doesn’t quite capture the likeness of the person (sometimes only a portion of the tattoo, like the eyes, may need to be removed and redone to improve the resemblance).

God Tattoo RemovalThe lasers we use are very precise and able to target the smallest of areas. Because we’ve done so many treatments, our nurses are highly qualified and adept at steadily holding the laser to carefully remove only the parts of your tattoo that you don’t want, while keeping the parts of your tattoo that you do want. How small of an area can we remove? We can remove just about any sized portion of a larger tattoo (as small as a centimeter square or even a millimeter square), which is helpful for people with a tattoo where the artist made a tiny mistake.

When removing a small part of a tattoo, it’s important to be very clear about what you which part you want removed. It will be a topic of discussion during your consultation, and revisited at each treatment. As the tattoo begins to fade from treatment, it becomes more obvious which area needs to be treated. But in the beginning, it’s critical that you’re very clear with the nurse handling your treatment. At your first appointment, the nurse will make a note on your chart explaining the exact area of the tattoo you’d like removed. You may even want to bring in a photo in of your tattoo, highlighting the area you’d like removed. This isn’t necessary, but it certainly doesn’t hurt when you’re dealing with something so nuanced.

The Best Tattoo Removal Results - Before and After Pictures

If you’re planning on having an artist redo new art over the portion of the tattoo you don’t like,  we recommend consulting with the artist first. He or she may suggest anywhere from one or two treatments to fade the ink that’s currently there or they may prefer full removal. In any case, we can accommodate whichever you prefer.

Because we price based on size of the tattoo we’re removing (or the size of the portion of the tattoo we’re removing), you’ll find that it’s surprisingly affordable to get a smaller part of a larger tattoo removed, and a great option for people looking to change a tattoo they don’t like.