Infographic: Tips for Getting a Tattoo You Might Someday Want Removed

We love this recent post from Buzzfeed on the 21 Things To Know Before You Get a Tattoo. With everyone and their mother (literally) getting tattoos now, it’s helpful when someone offers tips on what to consider before you stumble into that tattoo studio possibly a bit inebriated.

There are just a couple we’d like to add to the list, since it’s still possible that no matter how much time you spend determining the art and researching the artist, you might end up with something you’re going to regret.

Yes, we’re a tattoo removal company, but we’re not anti-tattoo. So our goal is not to change your mind about a tattoo you’ve probably spent months, if not years thinking about. We’re going to skin this cat from another angle, as we share a few tips from the tattoo removal perspective. As in, what should you do if you end up with a tattoo you hate, whether that’s right afterwards or a decade later.

To this Buzzfeed list, we’d like to add:

1. Have our phone number (or another tattoo removal clinic you trust) on file. If the artist messes up, you’ll have to wait until the area heals, but after 6 to 8 weeks, you can come see us to help fix any mistakes that were made. Sometimes that means just lightening it for a cover-up by a different artist, so you can have it redone.

2. Stick with black and red ink. They are the easiest colors to remove. While blue, green and yellow can be removed, they take longer.

3. The closer the tattoo is to your heart, the more quickly we’ll be able to remove it. When we break up a tattoo with our laser, your body does the rest by metastasizing the ink, so the better the circulation in that area, the faster your tattoo will fade or disappear entirely.

4. Make sure the artist uses a light hand and doesn’t heavy up the ink or go over the tattoo multiple times with the tattoo gun. The deeper the ink and the more layered it is, the longer it will take to remove.

5. Stay out of the sun or wear sunscreen. The lighter your skin is, the more quickly and aggressively we’ll be able to remove your tattoo.

For a few more tips, check out our infographic on “Tips for Getting a Tattoo You Might Someday Regret and Want Removed.”

Infographic Tattoo Removal