Hey Hipster Tattoo – You’re Going Down!

Arrow shoulder tattoo

You don’t have to live in Williamsburg, Silverlake or Austin to know a hipster tattoo when you see one. From Miley Cyrus to every other post on Buzzfeed, they’ve crossed over and they are mainstream. We’re pretty sure you can spot them in Kansas at this point.

Yes, we’re talking about those fine-lined, tiny tattoos of anchors, arrows, birds, words and geometric shapes that adorn the wrists, ankles and shoulders of those who don them.

Not all tattoos are fads, but this one most certainly is. Like the tramp stamp of the nineties, we’re starting to see hipster tattoos show up on our appointment schedule more and more. First it was the finger stache (which we have to admit was adorable when we saw it for the first time). Now it’s the ubiquitous minimalist arrow.

It’s no secret that we love removing tattoos, and this one is certainly no exception. So please join us as we take the oh-so-cute micro-tattoo trend down!