Free Tattoo Removal Treatment at Dr. Tattoff Ink-Off 2015

Ink-Off-2015It’s almost time for the annual Dr. Tattoff Ink Off, where we give away FREE laser tattoo removal treatments to anyone with a tattoo they’re tired of sporting. It’s a first-come, first-served event at every Dr. Tattoff clinic that lasts from the time we open our doors until we close. The dates are spread throughout November and December, so check your clinic on the list below to see what date your local event is taking place.


Although laser tattoo removal has been around for a long time, there are many people who still don’t understand how it works or whether it works. In fact, we get phone calls every day from people asking questions about it. So to help spread the word about what the process is like, we decided to hold an annual event that increases awareness of tattoo removal by giving people a chance to try it for themselves, free! There is absolutely no purchase necessary. All we ask is that you are open to learning about laser tattoo removal and willing to give it a shot on your own tattoo. We’d also like you to tell your friends about the experience, maybe do some Tweeting or post a video of your treatment to Insta.



Ink-Off is a first-come, first-served event. We’d like you to RSVP on Facebook at one of the links below, but other than that, you really can just show up and get a free laser tattoo removal treatment.


The process for getting your free treatment is straightforward:

1. Show up with your ID.

2. Set aside some time to wait, maybe bring a magazine or a fully charged phone so you can text, social medialize or catch up on the latest HuffPo headlines. We’ll try not to keep you here too long, but if you’re concerned then come early or towards the end of the day.

3. Complete some paperwork about your medical history.

4. Meet with a nurse who will explain the laser tattoo removal process, tell you how many treatments it will take to remove your tattoo and answer any questions you have.

5. Get your FREE Laser Tattoo Removal Treatment by a registered nurse and be on your way!

There are no strings attached. No purchase necessary. All we ask is that you please spread the word!



To RSVP for the Free Ink-Off Event, click on the link below for the clinic where you’d like to attend.

Inland Empire Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Orange County Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Beverly Hills Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Atlanta Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Phoenix Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Frisco Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Fort Worth Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Dallas Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Sherman Oaks Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Houston Free Laser Tattoo Removal Event

Some restrictions apply. This event is for new patients only, with tattoos that have never been treated. Past and current patients with tattoos that have not been treated may be eligible for a free treatment. If you are a current or past Dr. Tattoff patient, check with the Clinic Manger on whether you are eligible.