Heartbroken with A Bad Tattoo: How to Get Rid of Both

G201525 2014-11-01 009What do you do when you have a tattoo of your girlfriend or boyfriend’s name on your body and the relationship ends?


Well, in our Frisco manager Cody’s case, he decided to cover it with another tattoo. How Cody went about it is a little different than we’d recommend though.


Hurt and angry over the failed relationship, Cody wanted to make a statement about how he felt about his now ex-wife and their past together. Essentially, he wanted to hurt her and the best way he could think of was to have the word “VOID” spitefully tattooed over her name.


However, the cover-up tattoo left a lot to be desired. Besides being downright ugly, it was ineffective because he could still see parts of her name, and so could anyone new that he started to date.


The main issue with Cody’s cover-up tattoo, besides the art itself, is that it was a symbol of the relationship, which wasn’t helpful to his healing process. If you’re going to get a cover-up tattoo over your relationship tattoo, we recommend choosing something that doesn’t have anything to do with your ex or the relationship. Cover it with something totally unrelated, so eventually you don’t think of the person when you look at it.

Void Tattoo Removal


When we’re caught up in the romance of new love, it’s hard to imagine feeling any other way. So much so, that some of us (like Cody) go out and get tattoos of our lover’s names, as a declaration of our commitment to the relationship.


What people don’t realize is that this heightened state of emotion and passion is only temporary. While it may grow into something more meaningful and longer term, love often doesn’t last. And when it does, according to psychologist Elaine Hatfield, it develops into “compassionate love”, characterized by mutual respect, attachment, affection and trust. Hatfield suggests that new love, or passionate love is transitory, usually lasting between 6 and 30 months. Not surprisingly, that’s when people tend to get relationship tattoos and it’s also why we see so many patients who want them removed.


If you have your ex’s name tattooed on your body and you think you’ll eventually want to get it removed, we don’t recommend a cover-up at all. The reason is, cover-up tattoos take longer to remove because there are more layers of ink in your skin. So if you have a tattoo of your ex, come in for a consultation before you get a cover-up. We can tell you how long it will take and what it will cost to remove.  Then you can decide between the two.


In the meantime, enjoy this video of Cody getting both the “VOID” tattoo  and the original tattoo with his ex’s name removed. He’s now officially on the market, in case you’re interested. The bad (and the good) news is, no matter how deeply he falls for you, he will not be adding your name to his collection of tattoos!