Drumline 2 Actor Rome Flynn Gets Tattoos Removed

Rome Flynn tattoo removalWe recently had the pleasure of treating up and coming actor Rome Flynn at our Sherman Oaks location. You may have seen him in the recently released Drumline: A New Beat, the sequel to the first Drumline. He’s quickly making inroads in Hollywood after moving to Los Angeles from Illinois only a few years ago. Rome came to Dr. Tattoff because he has several tattoos he wants removed in order to help his acting career and set an example for his new daughter.

Rome’s biceps are covered in tattoos dedicated to his family. Each star represents a member, one for mom, one for dad, and so on. He even has tattoos of his sisters’ names: Wizdom and Love. Clearly he comes from a loving family and we’re not surprised given his warm, disarming personality that greeted us the day he came in for his consultation and first treatment.

He also has a large tattoo on his chest with cursive letters that run together and say “Only God Can Judge Me,” bordered by his initials, which he got when he was 16 on a mattress in a makeshift tattoo parlor he’s not even sure was licensed.Rome Flynn tattoos

All of his tattoos were done at a young age, before he had given much thought to his future. He’s not more than 25 now, so it hasn’t been that long, but he’s a different person now with incredible drive and foresight. He knows that his tattoos don’t fit in with the life he has planned, so he’s doing something about it now.

Rome getting ready for tattoo removal

Rome’s story is like so many others we hear from people pursuing acting and modeling careers. It’s not that they can’t land gigs or roles with their tattoos, it’s just that having tattoos can put them at a disadvantage. Using Photoshop adds to the production cost of a print campaign, so some ad agencies and companies prefer to hire models without tattoos. In film, there’s a make-up artist who can cover up tattoos but it’s a time-consuming process the studio may not want to deal with if the actor hasn’t reached Brad Pitt status yet.rome flynn tattoos

Rome’s tattoos will take between one and two years to remove, and we’ll need to treat him more conservatively with the laser because he has darker skin. We expect that his chest tattoo will come off rather quickly and easily. His other tattoos may take a little longer, and the red ink may be more stubborn but ultimately will come off as well.

Rome Flynn tattoo removalCheck out a quick interview with Rome and watch his first removal treatment below. Cool as a cucumber throughout the entire process, his pain tolerance is off-the-charts! He handles the laser treatments like a fighter (cool fact: he used to be a boxer) and superstar he’s destined to become!