Thinking of Getting a Cover-Up Tattoo? Watch This Video First!


Tattooer Judd Bowman of Black Diamond Tattoo in Venice Beach, is going through the laser tattoo removal process to lighten most of the tattoos on his body in order to cover them with new ink. He started coming to Dr. Tattoff because he wanted more tattoos but just didn’t have space for them, and he was growing weary of the art he got years ago, before his taste evolved to what it is today.

In fact, he is so serious about laser tattoo removal as a means of lightening his existing tattoos, that he’s pledged to stop getting tattoos until the old ones are faded enough to give an artist free reign to cover them up with some really rad art.

“There’s these artists that I love. I love their style, I love what they do. And I would almost feel ashamed to go get a tattoo from them, because they would have to work in a little pocket in between some bad tattoos. Whereas if I had a nice big chunk of skin, I could get something nice.” Judd explained to us the day he started laser treatment on several tattoos.

Given that Judd is a professional tattoo artist, we thought it would be valuable to share his interview on cover-up tattoos with our readers. In the video below, he goes into more detail on why he recommends that clients looking for a cover-up tattoo get a few laser tattoo removal sessions before he does any work on their skin.

For starters, as Judd explains, if you have a palm size tattoo and you want to cover it, the artist is going to be forced to give you a much larger tattoo, one the size of your hand say, in order to cover it. And if there’s a lot of black in your tattoo, it’s possible you may even need to bigger.

As Judd explains, the worst part is, you’re probably not going to love your new tattoo. That’s because the artists is going to need to use a very heavy hand in order to ensure that the old tattoo doesn’t show through the new tattoo. Covering up an existing tattoo also requires going very dark, and most people aren’t looking for tattoos with dense black ink – they want more dimension in the art, which can only be achieved through using color and shading, two options that usually aren’t available without some laser lightening treatments first.

Check out Judd’s inspiring interview as he extolls on the virtues of a little patience and a few laser sessions in order to get the tattoo you truly want instead of one you’re going to regret. And when you’re done watching, peep this amazing example of a Dr. Tattoff patient who had some laser lightening sessions before she got her cover-up tattoo.