Comedian Ashley Kirschner Gets “Stupid” Tattoos Removed

2015-02-05 15.32.02Comedian and fashion blogger of Bombette, Ashley Kirschner visited Dr. Tattoff in Beverly Hills to have her only two tattoos removed. Both small, one is on her wrist and the other is on her hipbone.

Her reasons for getting what she now calls “stupid tattoos” in the first place? She’s not even sure. Neither tattoo has any meaning, and both were equally impulsive acts of stupidity on her part. She can’t even relate them back to a failed love affair. We’ll have to actually give her credit for that. (If we haven’t said it enough, we never recommend getting a tattoo that symbolizes your relationship.)

While most of our patients at least originally liked their tattoos, Ashley never had any strong feelings one way or the other about hers. She’s not a tattoo person, and we get the feeling she won’t be getting any more in the future. This is not a case of “the tattoo artist messed up” or “I’ve outgrown my tattoo’s meaning”, it’s a case of, “what was I thinking?!”

Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 1.33.24 PM

Given Ashley writes about fashion for a living, perhaps they were stylish at the time or maybe she was bored. Fortunately, they haven’t affected her life in any positive or negative way. Although the wrist tattoo is noticeable and people do make comments about it, she’s not pursuing a corporate career, so she doesn’t have to cover it for professional reasons. Both tattoos are simply minor nuisances she’d prefer to lose now, rather than later.

In the video below, you’ll hear more from Ashley on how she feels about tattoos (on herself and the guys she dates) as she gets ready for her first tattoo removal session.

The highlight is watching her undergo her first tattoo removal session, without numbing beforehand. Most patients opt for numbing, especially on their first laser tattoo removal session.  Ashley Safety Pin Tattoo on WristBut not Ashley. She showed great fearlessness, explaining that she could handle the pain since the outcome would be good.

She handled it like a pro! She even filmed it with her phone while we did the treatment, and didn’t flinch once (we’ve got the video to prove it). This young woman is one tough cookie. We imagine that as a stand-up comedian, you build a thick skin.

Hipbone skull tattoo with bow

Our estimate is that it will take about a year and a half to remove Ashley’s tattoos. Since this was her first treatment, it’s hard to say exactly how many treatments she’ll need, but we offer a guarantee so any additional treatments beyond what we estimate are on the house.

In the photos to the left, you’ll see Ashley meeting with registered nurse Lailani, who conducted her consultation and also did her treatment.

The other pics feature Ashley posing with her tattoos – a broken safety pin with a heart (we don’t get it either), and a skull with a bow.

Check out the video below!