Check out This Stunning Cover-Up Tattoo Made Possible by Laser Tattoo Lightening

Denise BordersDenise Borders is a music journalist and founder of Punk World Views, a website that reports on punk, metal and hardcore. She got her first tattoo when she was 18, and feeling rebellious. “I was mad because my mom said I wasn’t allowed to get one, so after she went to bed, I literally went out at midnight and got one anyway.  I didn’t research the artist or anything, I was just determined to get one! It had no meaning or anything, it was a typical lower back tattoo full of tribal, stars and some blue flames!” she explains.

As first tattoos sometimes go (especially when they’re that spontaneous), she hated it almost immediately. Soon she began doing cover-ups and add-ons to make it better, but she still wasn’t pleased.

She had heard of laser tattoo removal, and assumed she wouldn’t be able to afford it, until she spoke with her current tattoo artist, Jim Sylvia from the studio Unbreakable in Studio City. Jim recommended that Denise get a few laser treatments to lighten her tattoo so that he could cover it up, without hindering his ability to do something fabulous. That’s when she called us.

Denise came in for a consultation at our Sherman Oaks clinic and we began treating her tattoo right away, in order to fade it enough so that Jim felt like he had a clean enough slate to work with.

Here is a photo taken at her initial visit to Dr. Tattoff, before we began treatment.

Lower Back Tattoo Lightening

This photo is after one treatment.

Lower Back Tribal Tattoo Removal

After two laser tattoo lightening treatments, Jim was ready to get started on her new tattoo. They worked closely together to determine art that would suit her taste and work well over the old tattoo. She decided on a peacock, which starts on her upper mid-back and extends below her waist and onto her buttocks. She already had a peacock tattoo on her left arm, so this would complement it nicely.

Incredible Peacock Back Tattoo by Jim Sylvia

As you can see, her new ink is so stunning, we had to share it! Here’s tighter shot – you can’t even see the old tattoo underneath.

Peacock Tattoo

Jim Sylvia is a fantastic artist and creates custom tattoos of all styles, but his specialty is neo-traditional and the timeless classics of old school and American traditional tattoos. Here are a few of our favorite tattoos from his website:

Antler Tattoo

Nesting Doll Tattoo Jim Sylvia

Thug Owl Tattoos on Feet by Jim Sylvia


Unbreakable is located at 11356 Ventura Blvd Studio City, CA, 91604 818-763-5910.

You can follow Jim Sylvia on Instagram @jimsylviatattoo