Can You Get a Tattoo Over a Removed Tattoo?

BlogPostTattooingOverLaserRemovalAlthough you might not be thinking about it at the time, quite a few people decide down the road that they want a new tattoo where they had a tattoo removed. Plain and simply, these people want to know, “Can you get a tattoo in the same place you had laser tattoo removal?”

Their next question is usually if so, how long do I need to wait after my last laser tattoo removal session before I can get a new tattoo?

First of all, you can absolutely get a new tattoo in the same place you had a tattoo removed. Some patients ask if there will be any difference in the way the tattoo looks and the answer is no. Once you’ve had a tattoo removed, your skin is restored to its original state. Everything, including the color of the tattoo ink will be the same that it would have been if you had never had a tattoo in the first place.

The only exception is if you had pre-existing skin tissue texture changes or scarring before you had the tattoo removed. Our lasers do not scar the skin, but some patients were scarred during the tattoo process. In those cases, the scarring remains after the tattoo has been removed. This can affect a new tattoo in the same place.

After your last laser tattoo removal treatment, we recommend waiting at least 8 weeks before getting a new tattoo in the same place. It’s important that your skin has completely healed before you get a new tattoo. While you’re waiting, think about the art you want for your new tattoo and whether you’ll feel the same way about it in five or ten years. Although you can go through the removal process again in the same place, it’s more cost-effective to pick a tattoo you’ll want forever. So take your time.