Black Ink Tattoo Removal

black ink tattoo removalWhen it comes to black ink, tattoo removal is almost always successful. One of the most common colors we see in the tattoos of our patients is black ink, which is fortunate since it’s one of the easiest colors to remove. We always tell people if they’re getting a tattoo, choose black ink and stay away from vibrant colors like yellows, blues and greens.

The technology of laser tattoo removal is actually so advanced that we are able to remove most, if not all colors of ink, but some are more straightforward to remove than others. Black ink, by far, is the color that tends to fade the most quickly when we begin treating a patient for tattoo removal. Black shading will disappear first, followed by black line work. So if you have a black tattoo, you will likely be a very good candidate for tattoo removal.

Sometimes a patient will believe they have a black ink tattoo (because that’s what it appears to be, or that’s what they asked for), but find out later that the tattoo artist mixed in another color of ink like dark blue or white. This can have an effect on tattoo removal, prolonging the process. During your consultation, one of our nurses will let you know whether they suspect there may be another color present besides black ink. It doesn’t mean your tattoo can’t be removed, it just means we need to consider the other colors of ink that are present and in some cases, they may not present themselves until we’ve started treatment.

Black Ink Tattoo Removal After 4 Treatments

Black Ink Tattoo Removal After 4 Treatments

neck tattoo before and after

Tattoo removal before and after

Before and After tattoo removal pictures

There are other factors that can impact the success of black ink tattoo removal, including the patient’s skin tone. Patients with lighter skin and black ink tattoos will see results most quickly, because they can be treated aggressively by the laser without pigmentation concerns. Patients with darker skin and black ink tattoos will also generally be successful with their tattoo removal goals, but it may take longer to achieve the desired result. The darker the skin, the more conservatively we treat the patient to ensure that no skin discoloration occurs.

While ink color and skin tone are the biggest determining factors when it comes to tattoo removal, there are other factors that can impact the timing of tattoo removal. The best way to find out whether your tattoo is a strong candidate for quick removal is to come in for a free consultation where you’ll meet with a nurse who will assess the ink colors, your skin tone and several other factors.