Back Hair Is Never Foxy – 40% Off Laser Hair Removal

Feb2015FoxyHairEmailBlastStyles evolve, and what’s hot today almost certainly won’t be in six months or a year.

The same truth goes for hair. In the seventies, it was all about the bush and now it’s popular to be bare down there. When it comes to eyebrows, bushy ones like Brooke Shields in the 80’s are back in a big way. In a couple years, more groomed eyebrows will make a return. But one thing that will never be sexy is back hair on men (or women for that matter). Plenty of women like a hairy chest, ala Nicholas Cage in Valley Girl. But ask those same women how they feel about a hairy back, and you’ll be met with a look of disgust.

That’s why during February, the month of love, we are offering a 40% discount on upper body laser hair removal. If you’ve got a partner, she’d probably appreciate a little less hair in her face when she’s spooning you. If you’re not involved with anyone, then you might really want to look at getting that excess fur reduced.

You don’t have to use the discount on your back though. There are plenty of other areas included such as facial hair, chest hair, arm hair, underarm hair, you name it. We’re just recommending that if you have back hair, that should probably be your priority when it comes to hair removal. You can move elsewhere after that.

The offer is good until the end of February, so make sure you book a consultation now.