4 Most Popular Tattoos People Get Removed

4 most popular tattoos people removeWe’ve performed over 250,000 laser treatments over the past ten years, and during that time we’ve seen a LOT of tattoos. We often say that if you can imagine a tattoo in your head, we’ve probably seen a patient with the same one. From Star Wars characters to GI Joe, to song lyrics and portraits of babies, to racial slurs and birth/memorial dates, there is a tattoo to represent every emotion or experience you’ve ever had.

Even given the infinite options, there are some tattoos that we see more than others, and quite a few that we see ALL the time. Here is our list of the most popular tattoos people remove based on thousands of patients we’ve treated. We recommend reviewing this list before you get your next tattoo, and reconsidering if your idea is included here.

1. Name Tattoos

ex tattoo photos before and after tattoo removalWhen you’re in the throes of new love, you can’t imagine feeling any other way about the person. It’s a sweet syrupy feeling that has no boundaries or rationale, except that it feels good. But think for a minute before you decide to tattoo your sweetheart’s name on your body. Chances are, the relationship is not going to last (sorry to be the bearer of news) and getting a tattoo seems to be the fastest way to send your feelings for one another into a downward spiral.

Take it from us, we meet people every day who thought their love would last forever and now they’re stuck with a tattoo that’s just a painful reminder of what will never be. In many cases, the person had the tattoo for only a short time before the fighting started, the mistrust surfaced, or the beginning of the end commenced. We think the impending suffering that often follows has something to do with the permanence of a tattoo and the message it sends that the challenge is over, which can cause one person to feel trapped.

So save yourself the heartache, doom and expense by vowing to never get a name tattoo of someone with whom you’re romantically involved. Watch this video of one of our patients talking about the pain associated with an ex tattoo she’s removing.

2. Ring Finger Tattoos

Ring Finger Tattoo RemovalWhile it may seem the ultimate romantic gesture to choose matching ring finger tattoos with your beloved, resist the temptation and stick with a ring you can remove. The last thing most couples want to think about when they’re courting one another or tying the knot is breaking up, but it’s a reality that many marriages end in divorce, so be practical.

During the consultation process with our patients, it’s not uncommon for them to end up pouring their heart out about how torturous it is to look at when they’re trying to move on from a relationship, or how difficult it is to date when they’re wearing permanent symbol of their past. Break-ups are hard enough as it is between the emotional and physical separation. Why create obstacles that will add greater burden and healing time to an already distressing situation?

3. Tattoo Trends from the Past

tramp stamp tattoo removal before and after picturesFashion trends come and go, and tattoo trends are no different. You probably don’t wear the same jeans (or even the same style or brand of jeans) you wore 10 or 15 years ago; in fact you most likely don’t even own them anymore. Now imagine if you couldn’t take them off and you were stuck wearing them every day! That’s the equivalent of a bad nineties tat like a tribal armband, or a lower back tattoo from early 2000 (which by the way, men were getting too).

Today, most self-aware people are embarrassed they’re still sporting one of these. At least 20% of the tattoos we treat have some tribal element to them, and we’re regularly treating women in their thirties and forties who feel negatively prejudged by a tramp stamp that felt sexy only a decade ago.

The lesson here is to avoid the allure of a tattoo or tattoo style that’s wildly popular. What comes in will go out. Pick something unique and classic.

4. Nearly Impossible to Cover Tattoos

Neck tattoo removal before and afterFew people are thinking about their future when they get a tattoo on a part of their body that’s not easily covered up, such as the hand, wrist, face or neck. These tattoos are popular because they can make you feel rebellious, like you’re bucking the system or going against the grain. That is, until you need to earn a respectable paycheck and begin evaluating your options.

One of the most common reasons people get tattoos removed is to improve their career outlook. Although more people than ever are getting tattoos these days, there is still data indicating that hiring managers judge candidates by their appearances and tattoos send an unprofessional signal. From three dot tattoos (which may indicate you were involved in some level of gang activity) to rock band symbols and profanity (like the tattoo shown here), we have many patients who wonder what they were thinking when they got a tattoo in such a visible place.